What is Polyurethane?


ure•thane noun ˈyu̇r-ə-ˌthān

 Definition of URETHANE
a : a crystalline compound C3H7NO2 that is the ethyl ester of carbamic acid and is used especially as a solvent and medicinally as an antineoplastic agent

 b : an ester of carbamic acid other than the ethyl ester

poly•ure•thane noun ˌpä-lē-ˈyu̇r-ə-ˌthān

 Definition of POLYURETHANE

 : a type of plastic that is used to make various products and especially to make a clear liquid that is spread on a surface (such as a wooden floor) and that becomes hard when it dries

 Full Definition of POLYURETHANE

 : any of various polymers that contain NHCOO linkages and are used especially in flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, and resins (as for coatings)